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Flexible Website Maintenance and Support as You Need It

At IF Media, we provide our clients with tailored support services, including website revamping, fixing technical issues, software updates, content updates, helpdesk assistance, and more. Our services also include integrating the latest SEO enhancements. Contact us when it’s needed most.

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1 WordPress Software Updates

Updating your theme

Performance Optimisation

Hacking Recovery

 Fixing Technical Issues

Priority support

Monthly Offsite Backup

Security scan

Monthly reports

Our Pricing

Choose your Plan

Choose from competitive pricing plans for professional web design services crafted to meet your unique needs.



$650 / Project

4 page website

 Mobile Responsive Website

SEO Friendly for Google

Social media integration

Free Stock Photos

Sitemap included

Three-week turnaround

10-page website

Google map integration

Easy-to-use CMS

Speed Enhanced



$950 / Project

5 Unique Pages

 Mobile Responsive Website

SEO Friendly for Google

Social media integration

Unique Photos

Sitemap included

Home Optimization

Google Search Engine link

Two rounds of revisions

Easy-to-use CMS

Four-week turnaround

Two rounds of revisions



$2500 / Project

6 Unique website Page

SEO Friendly for Google

Social media integration

 Mobile Responsive Website

Unique Photos

XML Sitemap Submission

All-page Optimization

Google Search Engine Integration

Three rounds of revisions

Easy-to-use CMS

Four-week turnaround

WooCommerce Integration

404 Redirect

Six-week turnaround

Frequently Asked Questions!

Explore the following common queries to gain insights into our services, processes, and how we ensure your website’s optimal performance and security. Contact our dedicated support team for further assistance if you have additional questions.

What are WordPress Updates?

WordPress updates frequently release new versions and patches for the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). These updates are critical for ensuring your WordPress website’s security, stability, and functionality. At If Media, we proactively handle these updates to keep your website current and secure, maintaining optimal performance over time.

What is Updating Your Theme?

Updating your theme involves installing the latest version or patches released by the theme developers. These updates often include bug fixes, new features, and improvements to enhance the design, functionality, and security of your website. Regularly updating your theme ensures compatibility with the latest WordPress version and helps maintain a secure and efficient website.

What is Performance Optimization?

Performance optimization is enhancing a system, application, or website to improve efficiency, speed, and overall functionality. In the context of websites, performance optimization aims to improve loading times, responsiveness, and user experience. This may involve various strategies such as code optimization, image compression, caching mechanisms, and server configuration adjustments.

What is Hacking Recovery?

Hacking recovery is restoring and securing a system or website that has been compromised or infiltrated by unauthorized individuals or malicious software. In the context of websites, it involves identifying and mitigating the impact of a security breach, removing any malicious code or content, and implementing measures to prevent future attacks. At If Media, our hacking recovery services are designed to swiftly and effectively restore your website’s integrity, implementing robust security measures to safeguard against future threats.

What is Fixing Technical Issues?

Fixing technical issues involves identifying and resolving problems within a system, software, or website that hinder its proper functionality. In the context of websites, technical issues may include errors, bugs, broken functionalities, or performance bottlenecks.

What is Monthly Offsite Backup?

Monthly offsite backup involves creating and storing a secure copy of your website files and databases outside your primary hosting environment once a month. This preventive measure safeguards against data loss, ensuring a recent and retrievable copy in case of server failure, cyberattacks, or unforeseen incidents. Please note that the backup frequency aligns with the agreed-upon schedule, dependent on the hosting company. This service is optimized when your website is hosted by us, allowing for seamless and reliable data protection.

What is a Security Scan?

A security scan is a proactive process that regularly inspects a website for vulnerabilities and potential threats. In the ever-evolving landscape of hacking and cyberattacks, continuous scanning is crucial. This ongoing assessment helps identify security weaknesses, suspicious activities, or possible entry points for unauthorized access. Our security scan service is designed to provide real-time monitoring and analysis, enhancing your website’s resilience against potential threats and ensuring a robust defence mechanism is in place.

What are Monthly Reports?

Monthly reports are comprehensive summaries provided regularly, typically on a monthly schedule. In the context of our services, these reports offer insights into various aspects of your website’s performance, security, and maintenance activities conducted during the month. At If Media, our monthly reports aim to keep you informed about the status of your website, detailing key metrics, security measures, and any noteworthy updates or improvements implemented. This ensures transparency and allows you to stay actively involved in managing and optimizing your online presence.

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